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The Law Codes is a reputed law firm in Jalandhar. Our esteemed panel of lawyers represents the clients before the Supreme Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court, and Delhi High Court. Under the guidance of seniors, we also have dedicated associates practicing in the District Courts/Forums of Jalandhar, the entire Punjab & Gurgaon region with tremendous success rates in litigation.

Litigating  & Consultancy Firm

Supreme Court of India

High Courts — Pan India

Judicial/ Quasi-Judicial forums in
Chandigarh, Gurgaon – NCR, & Jalandhar















The Law Codes is a renowned law firm in Jalandhar, Chandigarh and Gurgaon – NCR and our team of top lawyers have extensive knowledge and vast experience in the multiple disciplines of law. Our association with the legal profession dates back to 1984, bringing immense value and legacy to our organization.

We have a Pan-India presence and represent our clients before all the constitutional courts of India. Our unfettered commitment to the clients and cause of Justice is a distinguishing feature of the Firm’s Law practice. Our laborious work culture brings in the best talent of lawyers to our office which in turn ensures targeted results.

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Why are Law Firms Preferred by the Clients?

The Law Firms are continuously expanding the scope of litigation and they are preferred by the clients due to

  • The credibility of a brand value
  • A large team of lawyers
  • More professionalism and result oriented approach
  • Reliability and accountability in work culture
  • Flexibility in work assignment

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Salient Features of the Law Firm

  • Credentials of the Law Firm

  • Flexibility and innovative approach

  • Diverse fields of practice of the Law Firm

  • Flexibility of services

  • Full Services integrated

  • Collaboration with the Law Firms of India for the widest platform

  • Associations with International Law Firms for the disputes in multiple countries

  • Legal Retainerships


The Law Codes is among the most reputed law firms in Jalandhar. We have four offices in different locations from where we operate and function. The office locations include Gurugram/Gurgaon – NCR, Chandigarh, Jallandhar (Punjab), and New Chandigarh.
The Law Codes’ office in Jalandhar is near the District Court of Jalandhar and is centrally located in Jalandhar. All the forums of Jalandhar are easily approachable, which is extremely beneficial to our team members as they can commute hassle-free from one legal forum to another. Our legal team is a combination of senior lawyers & also junior associates in Jalandhar.



Honesty, integrity, and professional ethics are the cornerstones of our law practice. We believe in righteousness coupled with accountability, commitment, and confidentiality that makes us the credible law firm in Jalandhar.

Our work culture focuses on being transparent and fair to our clients regarding the course of litigation. Adapting to the needs of evolving times, we encourage alternative dispute redressal mechanisms for the settlement of disputes as a divine path to justice. Our entire team strongly supports the idea of law as a tool of social justice and is dedicated to pro-bono work for the underprivileged as a part of our shared greater responsibility to society. Our law firm in Jalandhar is highly appreciated & valued for adopting this unique approach.


Having dealt with in numerous cases, we affirm the viewpoint of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes that ‘the life of law has not been logic: it has been experience’ and therefore, it is our senior team of advocates in Jalandhar that sits together to handle and deal cases, with detailed discussions on every aspect of the case, thereby, delivering the best outcome of the cases to our clients.

As a part of the team, we at The Law Codes endorse the inclusion of individuals from diverse races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, castes, orientations & socio-economic statuses in our working culture. Diversity as part of our work culture enriches the organization which in turn, delivers the best outcome with a strong foundation of sensitivity across the spectrum.


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Pro Bono 

We provide free services for the underprivileged, who are seeking justice. A team of passionate advocates at our law firm in Jalandhar objectively examines the cases which require free legal assistance.

In-Chambers Mediation

We profess & recommend Alternate Dispute Resolutions through mediation & conciliation services to settle disputes. Our law firm’s reputed advocates persuade the clients if there are chances of amicable settlement to avoid unnecessary litigation.


Can I stay in a live-in relationship without divorce?2021-12-07T18:21:08+05:30

A major live-in couple can stay together without divorcing their respective spouses. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has declared Section 497 of IPC  unconstitutional. The spouse left behind can file a case of divorce on the ground of adultery.

Can I write a will by myself?2021-12-02T18:40:08+05:30

Yes, as long as you understand the law governing Wills in India, you can draft a Will. There are legal requirements that have to be followed for the process of the Registration of Will, if you want a registered Will. However, it is recommended to consult a lawyer/advocate/attorney for drafting a Will founded on the correct statement of law.

How can NRI file complaint in India?2021-12-02T18:51:18+05:30

Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can file a complaint before the Police, authorities or officials, or the courts either by themselves or through a valid Special Power of Attorney holders (notarized and apostilled). NRIs can also approach the NRI commissions in the States and Union Territories where have been introduced by the respective Governments.

Is it better to file for divorce first?2021-12-07T18:31:42+05:30

It depends upon the situation of the matrimonial alliance. Initially, serious attempts should be made for an amicable settlement. But if the marriage is broken irretrievably and there is no perceived danger, one can think of filing a divorce case.

What are the different types of divorce in India?2021-12-07T17:48:50+05:30

There are 3 types of divorce that are recognized by Indian Laws;

  • Divorce by way of Mutual Consent;
  • Contested Divorce;
  • Customary Divorce.
What is the difference between a copyright, trademark and a patent?2021-12-01T18:17:31+05:30

Copyrights — It protects original works of authorship, such as writings, art, architecture, and music.

Trademark — It is a right granted for a word, symbol, design, or phrase that denotes a specific product and differentiates it from similar products.

Patent —  A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. The parameters for the grant of a patent depend upon the laws governing different jurisdictions in the world.

When and how to file a criminal case?2021-11-20T17:51:35+05:30

Whenever the crime is committed, a complaint can be filed to the police or other investigating agencies prescribed under law. In some cases, an attempt to commit a crime is also punishable under penal laws. A piece of information regarding the commission of a crime is filed to the police authorities or the criminal court of competent jurisdiction.

Who will have the custody of a child after divorce? 2022-02-21T11:47:38+05:30

If a divorce is mutual, the custody of a child will be determined by the settlement agreement governing the terms and conditions of the divorce. In case of a contested divorce, a separate suit for custody has to be filed which shall be decided on the merits of a case.


The Law Codes team is by far the best Law Firm in Jalandhar, they have highly competent professionals with impeccable integrity. The firms’ trademark associates left no stone unturned and made a comprehensive reply of my case keeping in mind the latest judgments of the Supreme Court and also included foreign  references to make it legally sound.

Abhishek Beri,
I have huge respect for this law firm in Jalandhar for  guiding and advising me in my property dispute. The clarity with which they knew the fundamentals of the law instilled so much confidence in me to seek appropriate legal remedies. The firm has experienced and renowned associates in Jalandhar as team members who believe in transparency and ethical legal practice.
Pardeep Dagar,
The Law Codes corporate associates in Jalandhar are simply brilliant. They literally saved my business which was on the verge of winding up. I am highly indebted to the firm for their services, as they provided me with very speedy and effective legal solutions. Thank you to the entire team of Law Firms’ Jalandhar lawyers. Without a doubt one of the best law firm in Jalandhar.
Shallu Arora,
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